Awarded Wedding Photographer

SINCE year 2000
Art wedding portraits

Unique style with a touch of Art

If you don´t want a package of lots of image and want a few more unique image to put on your wall -choose the Art Wedding Portrait Package.

This is a new style and more unique that my normal package.
I have work with in 20 years. I believe to give something extra and more. Because If I give you what other photographer give you, you are only compare the price. It´s so many talented photographers out there. Fantastic. I love my colleagues. 
Some are work extra as a photographer.
I work as a full time photographer.




Are you curious about me as a wedding photographer and what I can do for you then come and have a refreshment meeting we talk about what you want, and get to know each other a little! I am open to tailor-made solutions that best suit you.

I get quickly booked every year at popular times
between May-September so was out in good time.
I photograph a maximum of 8 weddings a year to keep the best quality.

Shooting wedding since 2000
Jenny Puronne

Why hire Jenny Puronne as a wedding photographer?

*Years of experience.
Started photographing a wedding in 2000.
I know how pictures get good in both rain
backlight and strong sun.

* Specialist on portraits, with SM silver in the luggage and award-winning at international competitions.

* Easy to feel the mood and capture emotions, details.

* Easy to laugh and be discreet at the same time.
Blends in with people and is social.

* Developed all the time and always want to take a picture I never took, be better than my latest wedding as a motto
and is responsive to new styles and trends in wedding photography.



Jenny Puronne

Wedding Photographer


I am travelling around the world and shoot
weddings in Europe. I am often in Spain and Greece.
I also shoot weddings in Thailand, Asia.
We have a house in Rayong province in Ban Phe, but I am travelling to Phuket, Koh Lanta or whatever you like. 

If you like my style, keep in touch for a meeting in Zoom. Its free and you dont have to book me. Just for all your answers about your day and what I can do for you. 

Presentation in Swedish

This is me the photographer Jenny Puronne. I hope it can be translated in Youtube.

Book me

How It Works


Contact me

Contact me if I am free on your date. 
Then we have a meeting on Zoom or live in my studio in Tyresö.

Choose Package

Do you want to hire me for the portrait or the long day? 
The package is paid per hour and its up to you. I can stay from the morning until late night. I have a second shooter if you hire me for more than 3 hours. 


Design your images

You get LOT if images to choose from the gallery. What do you want to do with your images? I have package with all digital images and make nice albums and wall art for you.
The choice is up to you.  And you can decide after your wedding day.

På Svenska

Jag har jobbat som bröllopsfotograf sedan år 2000 och utgår från Tyresö. Bröllopen är mestadels runt Stockholm, men har rest i hela Sverige och fotograferat bröllop i Thailand, Polen och Spanien. Jag reser ofta och upptäcker nya platser så gör gärna en förfrågan om bröllop i en annan del av världen. 

På längre dagar än tre timmar så har jag en second shooter /assistent. Detta för att täcka upp hela dagen utan pauser. Inte en enda paus ska missa någon händelse under dagen eller natten.

Jag är lättsam social och skrattar mycket. Jag är också diskret och är som en kameleont när det behövs. 

Eftersom jag har hus i Thailand är jag där ofta och har varit på de flesta platser i Thailand.
Jag pratar även lite Thailändska som uppskattas under fotograferingen till de Thai som är anlitade.